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Laudes Infantis

Laudes Infantis Foundation was born in 1999 wanting to fulfil the dreams of the people living in the mountains of Bogotá. With clown noses, it accomplished to break the silences of hundreds of neighborhood inhabitants, to then undertake the challenge of building a community, potentizing their skills and putting them at the service of the others.

… Our beginning led us to take as a tool the “barter” that today has become our philosophy of community social development.

Since then, there are four communities making dream skills exchanges, services for services, through barter banks in Ciudad Bolivar and Usme.

Last News

We are in the top 500 of the Green Latin America Awards

June 27, 2018

Last Thursday, May 27 was the first meeting of recognition of the best environmental sustainability projects in Bogotá, the Laudes Infantis Foundation was among the 500 best placing 125th in the category for human development with the project “CASA TALLER – SPACE OF CULTURE, ENVIRONMENT, COEXISTENCE AND PEACE “…

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Google, supported gender equality in Ciudad Bolívar and Usme

June 22, 2018

June 22 was a memorable day for the girls of our communities, who were invited to the workshop, Made with Code, page created by this North American multinational, with the aim of teaching how to program, and make visible different professions, traditionally occupied by men, and to which the woman can also access…

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“Dreams that Inspire, the Tour of the World on a Sailboat”, for more education
June 8, 2018

From June 8 to 17, the PALATINO Shopping Center opened its doors and made it possible to generate the photographic exhibition “DREAMS THAT INSPIRE, RETURN TO THE WORLD IN A SAILBOAT”. This is a small sample of the great “Ocean Adventure” lived by Kike Fenollosa, a Spaniard who fulfilled his dream of traveling around the world on a sailboat…

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