Fundación Laudes Infantis

Terms of privacy


The LAUDES INFANTIS FOUNDATION informs the general public and especially its participants, users, volunteers, contributors and anyone visiting the website, that in accordance with the Political Constitution of Colombia, applicable jurisprudence, Law 1581 of 2012 and the Decree 1377 of 2013, and as the person responsible for the processing of personal data, who recognizes the importance of security, privacy and confidentiality of personal data its employees, collaborators, participants, beneficiaries, suppliers, donors, sponsors, allies and in general of all its agents of interest with respect to whom it exercises personal information treatment, so that, in compliance with the constitutional and legal mandates, it presents the following document that contains its policies for the treatment and protection of personal data, for all its activities that involve the processing of personal information at the national level, as well as the processing of personal data in the international environment in accordance with international legislation, agreements and treaties.

The LAUDES INFANTIS FOUNDATION guarantees the protection of rights such as Habeas Data, privacy, good name, honor and personal image, for this purpose, all actions will be governed by the principles of good faith, legality, computer self-determination, freedom and transparency. Therefore, the information and / or personal data provided to the LAUDES INFANTIS FOUNDATION through the Website or institutional, social, commercial and contractual relations developed in accordance with the corporate purpose of the same, imply acceptance of the privacy policies established to below, unless otherwise expressly agreed:

– Carry out, through any means directly or through third parties, marketing activities, promotion and / or own advertising or third parties, technical support, market intelligence, service improvement, verification and consultation, control, behavior, habit and authorization of means of contributions, fraud prevention, as well as any other related to our products and services, current and future, for the fulfillment of the contractual obligations and of our corporate purpose.

– Generate optimal communication in relation to our services, products and other activities.

– Evaluate the quality of our products and services and conduct studies on consumer habits, preferences, interests, product testing, concept, service evaluation, satisfaction and others related to our services and products.

– Provide assistance, service and technical support of our products and services.

– Carry out the necessary steps to comply with the obligations inherent to the services and products contracted with the LAUDES INFANTIS FOUNDATION.

– Report changes in products and services related to the purpose of the LAUDES INFANTIS FOUNDATION.

– Control and prevent fraud in all its forms.

– Facilitate the correct execution of purchases and benefits of services and products contracted.

LAUDES INFANTIS FOUNDATION, as the person responsible for the processing of personal data, applies the policies for the treatment of the information contained in the Internal Manual of Policies and Procedures of Personal Data of the LAUDES INFANTIS FOUNDATION (Protection of personal data: The information of the contributors will be kept for a minimum term of 2 years or more, if so indicated by the accounting rules applied to ESALES).

The rights that assist you as the owner of the information are: knowing, updating, rectifying and requesting the deletion of your personal data; request the proof of the authorization granted; be informed about the use of your personal data; file complaints for infractions of the provisions of personal data standards; revoke the granted authorization and consult free of charge the previously authorized personal data.

To exercise these rights, you can contact the customer service lines: Bogotá: 7552772; or to the electronic mail: fundacionaudesinfantis.org; or going directly to the attention centers of Bogotá to Carrera 2 # 12-14.

To request the deletion of your personal data under the terms of Decree 1377 of 2013, you must contact us, otherwise the LAUDES INFANTIS FOUNDATION may continue to process the personal data contained in its databases.