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“Barter” Methodology

It is the system of social co-responsibility, through which population accesses the services of the foundation, offering in exchange non-economic contributions for themselves, their families and / or the community, which ensures the collective configuration of the actions to develop. With the aim of improving the welfare, quality of life and strengthening of the social fabric. The example of “the barter” is: “One young mother head of household enrolls her children in kindergarten, and in return, she collaborates helping other children at the Library to do their homework a couple of days a week or participates in the Foundation’s job training courses”.

This has allowed Laudes to grow in different territories and reach more than 5,000 people, its innovative methodology has been:

Barter transfer: As Laudes Infantis has grown it has trained and formed multiple communities, groups and organizations at national and international level in the philosophy of bartering.