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Laudes Infantis Foundation and BFW

April 4, 2019

This year, we had the opportunity for seven of our women in training to participate in the Bogota Fashion Week 2019 and to attend the BFW conversation, in which speakers were: Nina García, Silvia Tcherassi and Edgardo Osorio, who spoke about the creative fashion business.

This initiative was joined by Procolombia and the advisor of the Sistema Moda chain, who provided us with 3 tickets to participate in the Isabel Henao fashion show.

It is in this way that Laudes Infantis continues to work to create opportunities in the territories where we are working. Opening experiential spaces to women, where they can discover the importance of innovation in their ventures and the need to go to cultural spaces to renew their ideas, enabling networking to publicize their proposals.

Hilando sueños, emprendimiento Ciudad Bolívar Fundación Laudes Infantis

Spinning Dreams, spinning fashion in Ciudad Bolívar

April 3, 2019

In April, the space called HILANDO SUEÑOS was launched in the Bella Flor neighborhood, Ciudad Bolívar, Bogotá DC Space financed by a micro project from the German Embassy in Bogotá and another by the organization, Dignity and Solidarity (belonging to the parish of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, in Madrid. Spain).

With this initiative, Laudes Infantis goes one step further in the search for economic opportunities for women in these territories, so segregated and vulnerable in the Colombian capital.

In this first training process, we had the collaboration of the National Apprenticeship Service – SENA and 40 women had the opportunity to start training in Court and Dressmaking, and additionally, be part of other qualification processes for work, human development and digital tools, which the foundation has been implementing at the Casa Taller headquarters, in the Bella Flor neighborhood.

Laudes Infantis, 20 years fulfilling dreams

April 2019

This April 28 we will be two decades transformed lives and building the dreams of people in the towns of Ciudad Bolívar, Usme and San Cristóbal Sur.

Cinemark for more than 100 girls and boys from Ciudad Bolívar and Usme

March 2019

The company dedicated to the film industry supported us with 125 passes to attend the Gran Ensueño Plaza Shopping Center, located in Ciudad Bolívar, south of the city of Bogotá. Thanks to this, children and teenagers from our three venues were able to enjoy a great day of films.

These healthy leisure activities allow our girls and boys to get out of their environment and discover new spaces of distraction, favoring the strengthening of emotional bonds within each of the groups.

We thank Cinemark for making us part of its #ComparteFelicidad campaign, promoting the rights of girls and boys to culture and recreation.

Volunteering of the Sacred Heart University Connecticut Students

March 6,7 and 8 of 2019

Young people from the Sacred Heart University Connecticut, held 3 days of volunteering on March 6, 7 and 8 in our headquarters of Casa Taller and the Salamandra Children’s Garden, where they developed play activities with children, adults and seniors from the Bella neighborhood. Flower of Ciudad Bolívar.

The young people, carried out different activities in order to generate the interest of the children of the community in the learning of English. The spaces were a sample of cultural exchange and much language learning.

This important day of exchange was the effort between three institutions (Uniminuto University, Sacred Heart University Connecticut and Laudes Infantis), with the aim of promoting social practices and volunteering, focused on language and games.

We thank the volunteer program of Universidad Minuto de Dios, located on Calle 80, for enabling the development of this experience in our community of Bella Flor.

Visit our “Mi LLave” Center in Bella Flor – Ciudad Bolívar

February 26, 2019

Last Tuesday, February 26, thanks to our stay in the franchise, Trust For The Americas (Foundation of the American States (OAS)), we had the opportunity to have in our facilities the First Lady of Colombia, María Juliana Ruiz and the High Councilor for Youth, Raiza DeLuque Curiel, in addition to the Director of Corporate Affairs of Microsoft Colombia, Andrés Umaña, and the representative of Microsoft Philanthropy, Natalia Serrano.

The objective of the visit was to highlight the progress made by the My Key Center, which was inaugurated in July 2011 with the support of the Trust For The Americas and Microsoft, whose objective is digital literacy. I had access to technology.

The digital training programs, linked to human development processes and the construction of life projects, have allowed more than 1019 people, especially young women, to show their potential and capacity, overcoming their fears and launching to explore other possibilities, or well within the labor market, or educational processes or strengthening their leadership, directed his life to new goals and purposes.

Campaign of 2019: “Reasons to barter, cooperating with my community”

February 24, 2019

Ciudad Bolívar. For its development, participants from all the surrounding communities were summoned, as well as members who participate in the processes at the Headquarters of Barrio Arrayanes, in the town of Usme. Last Sunday, February 25, we celebrated the opening of our year’s campaign “Reasons to barter, cooperating with my community” with our traditional Gymkana (Games Circuit), which took place in the Bella Flor neighborhood,

The objective of this year’s campaign is: to recover the bonds of solidarity and teamwork, which allow us together and together to achieve common goals and unfortunately the individualism to which society is taking us, makes it seem out of reach.

For that reason in the Gymkana, not only was this objective socialized, but the participants had the opportunity to generate a teamwork and cooperation in each of the tests that were overcoming, throughout the day, evidencing and feeling at the end satisfied of a job well done and the opportunity to share this experience with others.

2019, in Laudes Infantis is from now, the year of solidarity and cooperation, in which everyone has a place to share and enrich knowledge and knowledge, with which to build true community bonds.

Casa Annie turned 2 years old and we celebrated

February 9, 2019

2 years of Casa Annie, it is always a very good opportunity to bring together the girls and boys that in February is beginning their academic responsibilities, and motivate them to attend all the educational, recreational and recreational activities that will take place during the year.

Casa Annie, is the magical place, and meeting of friends, leaders, volunteers and practitioners who work for the well-being of the children of Usme and San Cristóbal Sur.

Laughter, applause and a lot of joy go around in this little house that the children access thanks to the unconditional support of Bernard Tomianka and his friends, who managed to turn a small cold space into a place full of colors, full of energy and well-being for more than 50 girls and boys.

The celebration was held on February 16, with activities to introduce the Annie House to a new team of interns who will collaborate in the processes. In the event they told stories of the most significant moments that we have lived in our little house and we started a cake of Soya made by the same community.

Thank you to everyone who makes our Annie House, continue to be the place of fun and training of our childhood!

Barter of Love: We deliver 100 scholarships to girls and boys

February 2019

In February, the new school courses began and the Love Barter was renewed with each of our children and families with scholarships, in each of our offices located in Ciudad Bolívar and Usme.

The minors and their families, were able to participate in a playful day, in which the children were motivated to continue advancing with their studies and they were given a school kits and the parents were urged to accompany the educational processes of their sons and daughters, with love and dedication.

For the development of this activity, we counted on the support of donors of Our Virtual Campaign “Love Bartering” made visible from Global Giving and volunteers from Procolombia, who contribute and believe in our scholarship program. The scholarships in Laudes Infantis, are an integral process, that supposes a permanent pursuit to the minors and their families, for between all to obtain the success not only academic but in the Life of these boys and girls.

Christmas Barter Campaign

December 2018

Now you can support our Salamandra Children’s Garden monthly! We remind you that we have uploaded a new project to the GlobalGiving platform, it is our Salamandra Nursery School, which you can support us in different ways.

Entering the page you will find the multiple ways to contribute to this project that benefits 104 girls and boys from 3 months to 4 years.

We invite you to support us with our Salamandra Children’s Garden, here


Christmas Barter in Ciudad Bolívar and Usme

December 17, 18 and 19, 2018

Christmas is a time where we want to share with our loved ones, in Laudes Infantis, we seek to encourage our communities with details full of love, recognizing the effort and work done to meet the barter commitments during the year.

For this purpose, several activities have been developed in which to make recognitions to the different groups with which we work. Thus, last Monday, December 17, we met in our Salamandra Children’s Garden located in Ciudad Bolivar, where together with the mothers and dads of the 104 children attending him, games and rounds were held; and we were able to experience moments of great love on the part of the families and volunteers of Colpatria and Mattel, who supported this activity. On Tuesday the 18th, it was the turn of the 91 schoolchildren from the town of Ciudad Bolívar, and with the support of the Mastercard team, one of the community spaces became a circus with juggling, laughter and games, and a gift delivery full of love Later that day, grandmothers, grandparents, leaders and leaders of that town, received anchetas and markets thanks to the support of people who joined our campaign “Donate 1 Kilo x Amor”. In addition, details were given to the young people who had a very special participation during the year for the development of the activities. 

Finally, we were on Wednesday December 19 in the mountains of Usme, in our headquarters of Arrayanes, where children, youth, adults, leaders and leaders had a full day Christmas spirit with the participation of some volunteers, people who supported us and the Holiday Inn Hotel.

The assistants in these activities, passed moments full of joy and union, reason for which we are very grateful to all those who were part of the 2018 CHRISTMAS TRUEQUE and helped us to make smiles in our communities

Degrees, Certifications and many educational dreams fulfilled

December 15, 2018

In the month of December we celebrated a day of admiration, commitment and above all bartering at the Teatro Publio Martínez, where our three venues were Bella Flor and Brisas del Volador from Ciudad Bolívar and Arrayanes de Usme.

21 people graduated thanks to the agreement that Laudes Infantis maintains with the CIPSIR corporation, of which 3 were women were awarded by the Foundation. In this event, 70 people who successfully completed their training processes in digital programs, human development (persistent skills, entrepreneurship) or trades were certified, making a special recognition to those who had a strong commitment throughout the year with the acquired barter.

It was a day filled with pride and joy, where the dedication and commitment made by each of the students to achieve their goal was exalted, and they were motivated to continue working to fulfill their dreams.

We celebrate our campaign “Live life, Venture to Live it”

Sunday, November 25

With the Fiesta of the communities, held last Sunday, November 25 at the headquarters of Arrayanes, Usme, the program of activities that took place throughout 2018 was closed, to reflect on life and the importance of protecting it, through of the campaign called “Live life, venture to live it”.

With this event it was possible to make known the achievements and manual and artistic works made by girls, boys, youth, adults, seniors, leaders and leaders, in each of our venues.

We celebrate life, which was our main theme this year to recognize the importance of valuing within our Foundation, in families and territories.

We invite you to share this message of love to life in these festivities!

Procolombia, promotes Laudes Infantis and health

October 8 to October 12

The health week of Procolombia was a great opportunity to make visible our actions and the Barters of our Foundation. Days full of stories, dreams and above all the promotion of volunteering in our beloved Laudes Infantis.

The objective of the participation of the Foundation in this great week of health promotion and Barter, is to highlight the processes that we generate and the impact it has had, with the participation during the first day of Kike Fenollosa with our exhibition ” Dreams that Inspire the Around the World in a Sailboat “. Also throughout the week, we had the opportunity to publicize the different Barters:

The Personal Barter; that allows internal mobilization and commitment to oneself, to achieve a personal goal.

The Barter of Love, where the importance of strengthening emotional ties and family relationships is evident.

The community Barter, which allows you to become who you assume, in an actor that changes your environment.

The Business Barter, which evidences in contribution that a community productive initiative can offer to its territory.

The Barter of Dreams, thanks to which educational and economic opportunities are facilitated through our formations and educational scholarships.

The event was a great space to promote volunteering, in which besides contributing to the transformation of the lives of the inhabitants of Ciudad Bolívar, Usme and San Cristóbal Sur, the opportunity is generated for them and they to change us our. A true exchange between human beings who see themselves as equals, beyond their material conditions.

There are few days left and you are a fundamental part of winning the challenge of childhood

September 29, 2018

We are short of reaching the goal, we need $ 5,000 USD to win the GlobalGivin Accelerator challenge, which will not only be to finance this project but we will be able to obtain a permanent membership and where we can upload our projects so that important companies generate donations for these.

You can support us to reach the goal, you can donate from $ 10 USD for kit tools!

We continue dreaming, we continue with our Garden Salamander

September 26, 2018

Last Wednesday the doors of the Salamandra Garden opened again with the aim of continuing to offer 104 girls and boys, from 3 months to 4 years, a space to dream, share and above all a place where the Barter of Love is the protagonist .

For the past 5 years, we have been doing nutritional monitoring, psychosocial support for families in the Parent School, psychomotor development workshops and breastfeeding. In addition to putting heart, colors and love to each child who is part of our Garden.

This is where the requirement is to be part of the development of childhood, strengthening the emotional bonds between girls, boys and their families.

Love and solidarity in Ciudad Bolívar, Usme and San Cristóbal Sur 

September 18, 2018

This month we developed workshops to raise awareness about the importance of respect and a dignified life, which were carried out through personal, family and community practices, in order to promote healthy coexistence. 

The day of love and friendship, was an initiative to strengthen teamwork in our communities, demonstrating solidarity among neighbors, friends and family and in turn, shared sweets, smiles and workshops on values ​​around this date. 

The children, youth and adults shared with leaders, leaders and volunteers from their headquarters. A sample of how we can do activities of cooperation and solidarity with our environment.

Leaders and leaders, for a peaceful and equitable community 

August 2, 2018 

In August a workshop of leaders was held at the administrative headquarters of the Foundation, where they learned about the types of leadership, teamwork and personal recognition, and then replicate the workshop in the community. 

In this activity, our three locations participated: Bella Flor, Brisas del Volador (Ciudad Bolívar) and Arrayanes (Usme), with the aim of socializing information in an equal manner. 

Promoting leadership, human rights and environmental workshops is a contribution to our localities to create peace references.

Barter of dreams: certification ceremony

July 6, 2018

On July 6, it became a meeting at the Martínez Ardila Publi Theater, located in the town of Usme, where people met who completed comprehensive training, digital alphabet and other skills that were made during the first half of the year.

The certification ceremony was held in the afternoon, in which a diploma was received for its true commitment and courses, as well as showing the smiles of dreams fulfilled.

The event is carried out with the objective of continuing to encourage our communities to continue participating in our training, and thus qualify their personal and professional profile.

We are in the top 500 of the Green Latin America Awards

June 27, 2018

Last Thursday, May 27 was the first meeting of recognition of the best environmental sustainability projects in Bogotá, the Laudes Infantis Foundation was among the 500 best placing 125th in the category for human development with the project “CASA TALLER – SPACE OF CULTURE, ENVIRONMENT, COEXISTENCE AND PEACE “, located in the Bella Flor neighborhood of Ciudad Bolívar. The awards counted with the participation of all Latin American countries, Spain, the Hispanic community of Canada and the United States, as invited countries.

The award ceremony will take place from August 14 to 17 in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, within the framework of the Sustainable Green Economy Congress, within which the finalists will be able to present their projects, and networking spaces will be established with all the ventures of Latin America.

The mention given to the Laudes Infantis Foundationis an example of the great work that has been done in our organization in favor of the environment, promoting recycling actions and generating responsible consumption in each of our activities, gradually creating a culture where respect for others and our environment is essential to achieve true spaces of coexistence and peace.

A seal of environmental commitment with which we will continue working and generating more people aware of the consumption and care of our planet

Google, supported gender equality in Ciudad Bolívar and Usme

June 22, 2018

June 22 was a memorable day for the girls of our communities, who were invited to the workshop, Made with Code,page created by this North American multinational, with the aim of teaching how to program, and make visible different professions, traditionally occupied by men, and to which the woman can also access.

There was a fun day and especially learning, in which volunteers from Google of different nationalities participated and who led the activity groups for two hours in their facilities.

This great partnership with GOOGLE, is allowing us to generate marketing and technology processes in Laudes Infantis, which has been aligned with ICT training, the use and good use of the Internet, as well as access to virtual educational platforms. All this in order that children and youth from the towns of Ciudad Bolívar, Usme and San Cristóbal Sur, can access better educational and economic opportunities.

“Dreams that Inspire, the Tour of the World on a Sailboat”, for more education

June 8, 2018

From June 8 to 17, the PALATINO Shopping Center opened its doors and made it possible to generate the photographic exhibition “DREAMS THAT INSPIRE, RETURN TO THE WORLD IN A SAILBOAT”. This is a small sample of the great “Ocean Adventure” lived by Kike Fenollosa, a Spaniard who fulfilled his dream of traveling around the world on a sailboat, for 4 years and who donated 40, of the thousands of images that I capture on its way to the Laudes Infantis Foundation, with the sole purpose of raising funds and supporting the education of the young people of Ciudad Bolívar, San Cristóbal and Usme.

The attendees had the opportunity to purchase altarpieces and postcards, with the photographs of Kike’s trip, on the back of which were reflected some small reviews with the dreams of some young people who want to support their educational training.

We want to thank those who joined this cause to promote the education of the young people of the localities and especially KIKE FENOLLOSA, who joins to support our social processes with their experiences and photography, at the PALATINO SHOPPING CENTER, Grupo Zarate Publicidad , the singer Andreo of the musical group Los P-Tres and those who donated their time and work for this cause.

Feminine Gymnasium and Laudes, for an inclusive society

May 30, 2018

Last May, an activity was held in the Bella Flor neighborhood, Ciudad Bolívar, within the annual “VALORA LA VIDA, AVENTÚRATE A VIVIRLA” campaign, which aimed to be a communication bridge between the community of Bella Flor, Ciudad Bolívar and the Gimnasia community, through the exchange of skills to generate education, empathy and recognition in a reciprocal environment.

This activity was carried out thanks to the coordination with the students of the CAS course of the Feminine Gymnasium and the children and young people of the Laudes Infantis Foundation.

As a result of the teamwork, it was a mural in which a Salamandra was drawn, a symbol of Laudes Infantis, with which the resilience and overcoming capacity of the human being is expressed in the face of adversities or difficulties, in order to achieve its objectives and a dignified life. The mural was finalized with the hands of all the participants, as a sign of solidarity and cooperativism, fundamental factors to create a better country.

This is a sample of how we can generate meaningful connections, between lives and different realities, through volunteering or the development of social practices.