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You can support our communities so we keep transforming lives and building dreams, as we generate educative and economics opportunities with the purpose of building a country in peace, equitable and egalitarian.

The money will be allocated in its entirety to the Laudes Infantis Foundation.


Love Barter Campaign

You support more of 100 children from Ciudad Bolívar, Usme and San Cristobal Sur, with school kits. It is a campaign to avoid the school dropout; this campaign has a continuo accompany with tutoring in the morning or afternoon in our facilities.

Dream Barter Campaign

You support young people and adults from our three communities (Ciudad Bolívar, San Cristobal Sur and Usme) to finish their studies or keep studying a technical or professional career. This campaign supports the democratization of education and the generating of opportunities.

Exposición: dreams that inspire, around the world in a sailboat
Find more than 36 photos of eyes full of marine life, idiosyncrasies and many landscapes. You can also support us by purchasing postcards with stories of the dreams of our young people …

Global Giving and Love Bartering

Laudes Infantis plans to adequate three communitary centers and offer school kits; as well as library spaces, homework support, art, culture, psychosocial assessment for 150 children (and their families)…


Binding as a volunteer, with your company or becoming Laudes partner, you contribute in the process of development and improvement of quality of life  of most vulnerable children, youth and the elderly in Bogotá, their families and communities.

You can also transform the life of the people through abilities barter, talents, events, or activities with your employees, in species or with economic contribution.

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