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What We Do

The Laudes Infantis Foundation develops its actions through an experimental structure called, “School of Leaders in Social and Productive Entrepreneurship”, which is divided into three axes:

1. Training in social entrepreneurship and community leadership

Which seeks the formation of leaders of community members and grassroots organizations, in the different topics according to the nature of the service they lead within their territories, which are especially of recreational and cultural and / or educational nature.

This way, we find that leaders can develop their practices and / or intervention; in  Kindergartens, in Libraries and Ludotecas, or developing playful-recreational or sports activities directed to groups of boys and girls, young people and / or to groups of the elderly population.

2. Training for employment and advice to productive units

The objective of this axis, is the training and improvement of the labor profile of the members belonging to the territories, through the program named “integral formation” composed by several areas of knowledge (personal and social abilities, entrepreneurship, financial education, TICs), which is complemented by the learning of one job (cut and confection, bakery, etc.)

Once the formative processes advance in a positive way, community members can access the young-adults scholarship, in order to improve their work profile and/or be guided within the employment management processes.

In addition from this axis, productive unities of intervention sectors are identified, in order to consolidate and increase their efficiency, effectiveness and therefore their income.

3. Promotion of human and environmental rights

From this axis, the school provides tools to the population for the restitution of their rights and resolution of conflicts through psychosocial attention platform and the arrival of local, district and national services to the territories is channeled, in order to facilitate the effective restoration of them (housing, recreation, education, nutrition, etc).

In addition, actions to promote, raise awareness and training in human rights, citizenship, environment, gender and equity (campaigns, training workshops, etc.) are developed.

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