Fundación Laudes Infantis

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Who we are

Laudes Infantis Foundation (Colombia) was constituted as a non-profit entity in 1999, with the initial purpose of preventing the permanent departure of children and young people to the streets of Bogotá D.C.

After its long history in the field, Laudes Infantis generates actions aimed at strengthening the social fabric, empowering the capacities and abilities of its members, generating positive referents, among youth and adults, so that children can find appropriate models to follow, guaranteeing them a better future.

All this through a strategy built collectively with the community, where all are conceived as subjects of rights, knowledge and development, EL TRUEQUE/THE BARTER.


International ASHOKA 2007 Award for social entrepreneurs

 International ABBE PIERE 2008 Award for social projects

National Women Award CAFAM 2008 for social entrepreneurs

Exemplary Colombian Prize 2010

“Women who inspire women” Award 2013

Social Value Award – CEPSA 2016