Fundación Laudes Infantis



The LAUDES INFANTIS FOUNDATION informs the general public and especially its participants, users, volunteers, contributors and anyone who visits the website, that in accordance with the good management of the contributions and work together with the volunteers, users, participants, workers and others, it is reported that:

  1.                Contributors or donors and sponsors:
  •  Any natural or legal person that makes a disbursement of assets that can be valued in money.
  •  Continues communication and loyalty through direct networks and timely attention of PQRS.
  •  Provided that it is not directly prohibited, activities will be developed for dissemination, promotion and in general, of the actions that are promoted or sponsored by the contribution from a social and institutional perspective.
  •  Whenever the program or project allows it, it will be possible to call, publicize or promote the brands, products, goods or services of third allies of the LAUDES INFANTIS FOUNDATION, and observance of the direct or indirect contribution in the development or financing of the programs or projects in which you participate.
  •  Formalization of the link to the different forms of contribution or donation and sponsorship, allowing monitoring the development of activities and collection.
  •  Direct participation with the programs through the category of occasional or permanent volunteering.
  1.                Contributions or donations and sponsorships:

CASH: Will be distributed according to the program or project for which the contributor or donor makes the contribution through the website   http://laudesinfantis.org/   or consignment in the Current Account No. 039-06499-3 of Banco Corpbanca – Itaú.

SPECIES: Will be distributed according to the program or project for which the contributor or donor makes the contribution.

* As every program and project requires administrative expenses, the contributors are informed that a percentage of the contribution will be destined for these purposes.

  •  Risk of money laundering and financing of terrorism:

The CONTRIBUTOR OR DONOR AND SPONSOR certifies to the LAUDES INFANTIS FOUNDATION that their resources do not come from or are destined to the exercise of any illicit activity or money laundering activities derived from them or from activities related to the financing of terrorism.

The CONTRIBUTOR OR DONOR AND SPONSOR undertakes to carry out all activities aimed at ensuring that all its partners, administrators, customers, suppliers, employees, etc., and the resources of these, are not related, come from illicit activities, particularly of money laundering or terrorist financing.

In the same way, the CONTRIBUTOR OR DONOR AND SPONSOR declares that the resources that it incorporates for the development of the program or project, come from completely licit activities.   In the event that the CONTRIBUTOR OR DONOR AND SPONSOR has public resources granted by another entity, he must provide the LAUDES INFANTIS FOUNDATION with a copy of the respective contract or assignment document.